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SoCal is thrilled to have Amanda DiGarli once again act as our competition coordinator! In this role, she will be responsible for managing all the logistics of our competitors during our 4-day event.

A favorite on the dance floor, Amanda has been a staple in the tango scene for over 10 years. Her passion for tango led her to explore and become a sought-after DJ in the tango scene.Tango found her when she was studying to be an engineer in 2010. It was the perfect moment to wake her up to the real joys of life: connecting with people, grabbing life by the horns, and being open to unexpected discoveries.

Because of tango she has traveled the world to attend marathons and festivals around the United States, Canada, and Europe, bonded with people of all ages and backgrounds, and learned new skills such as teaching, DJing, and event organizing. This vibrant diva will ensure you, dear competitors, have everything you need and that our competition shines its shiniest.

Tel: 612-840-6503
Email: [email protected]