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SCTC2017 announces the first master couple – Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa!
This will be their first time in the United States!

Who are they?

Daniel and Cristina broke into the international tango scene when they first won the Tango Mundial in 2008. They were the metropolitano city champions in categories Tango and Milonga and then went on to win the World Tango Championship in the tango salon category.

Since then they’ve traveled, performed, and taught Tango all over the world. They are absolute masters of the tango “salon” style and also adept at stage tango and choreography. Their dance is a culmination following decades of experience and training.

A 3rd party review of Daniel & Cristina’s style of dance and teaching:

“Daniel Nacucchio is one hell of a TRAINED dancer. He comes from true lineage, having learned from the legends who directly created or influenced the tango that we know today. He not only knows the old-school moves, but also the old-school DRILLS that were used to train legendary dancers in the past.

What sets Daniel & Cristina apart from other dancers is their classic neutral lead, power and precision. Not only is his technique perfect but he can DANCE the technique. He is certainly a true master in that he knows ALL the rules, as well as how to break them.”

Video review 

1. The Master’s nuance

Let’s dive straight into the subtleties. The first sign of their master class is the walk. Look closely and you can see little variations and nuances in their walk. The beat, the double-time, and syncopation…it’s all there in the walk. They walk, they cruise, and then stop on a dime.

The ocho cortados come with a shake, the pasada reaches out further than expected. Right when you expect power, they milk a surprising slowdown. Right when you expect a pause, an explosion erupts. Deceivingly calm as they are, a surprise sacada is never more than a breath away. 

Yes, they’re full of tricks. But the tricks aren’t just moves, they’re an expected play of musicality. An unexpected play of expression. A true master can be completely unpredictable…during tango’s most predictable moments.


Powerful, flashy opening. They grab your attention right away. It’s like that explosion, followed by a wild car chase at the beginning of the movie. No introduction needed; action first, explanation later. Again, the telltale sign of their caliber reveals itself in their incredible unpredictability.

3. Classic figures

Here’s where you get to see their signature look. The first thing that comes to mind is their classic figures. Watch carefully. The entries and exits in and out of figures, enrosques, and sacadas. They’ve been fooling the eyes like this for a long long time.

These are NOT the same salon figures you see everywhere. They have been seasoned. They have character, personality. All the the little details. All the little plays…and all on the music. 

4. True milonga dancers

A masterful milonga is danced! It’s not about chasing down steps to the music or unloaded the chain combos. All their playful tricks are DANCED! There’s so much high-speed improvisation and it’s not the same old milonga tricks.

Daniel & Cristina’s workshops at SCTC2017

CLICK HERE – for full workshop schedule.


  • The tango walk – different kind, how and where to use them, their relationship with the embrace.
  • Musicality – know what is the time, part time, and double time. Identification of instruments and sound breaks; relationship between movement and music.


  • Technique for women and men – posture, embellishment, ochos, giros, and lead.
  • Boleos, giros, and enrosques – how to do this in the exactly moment with the music.


  • Milonga – how to interpret the music with figures.
  • Figures of Villa Urquiza style – classical figures of the Villa Urquiza style.

Current early bird price…

  • 1-5 workshops ($25/each)
  • 6-8 workshops ($22/each)
  • 9 workshops ($20/each) 

HURRY! Early bird ends December 27.