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The 3rd Annual Pelando Variacíon 2017 has just finished in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Once again, Oliver Kolker and the amazing dancers and tango community have finished off yet another incredible Pelando Variacíon event in Buenos Aires just weeks ago.

For those new to the Pelando Variacíon competition, this a special competition showcasing ONLY THE CLIMAX of a stage choreo. So every couple is doing stage choreography, but only the fast part at the end of the song…basically only the last 16-25 seconds of the song. Just the good part. As explained by the event creator Oliver himself, “It’s the slam dunk competition of tango”.

We are oh so blessed to bring it to the USA and excited to see the next USA Pelando Variacíon champion! Oh and with a minimum number of entries, the USA winners will receive free flights and hotel and represent the US at the world Pelando Variacíon next year in Buenos Aires!

Read on for the breakdown (and video recap) of this year’s exciting PV event…


28 brave competing couples in total and lots of adoring fans. This is officially the 3rd year that Pelando Variacíon has happened and word is getting out about it. It’s been functioning as a traveling showcasing performing at all the most popular milongas around town. The qualifying rounds happened across 3 of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires: Salon Canning, Milonga Tango Club, and Milonga Los Zucca.

To keep it brief, we showed only the competition videos. There are plenty of other videos of the full event show, such as live musicians, special performances, and fun behind-the-scenes footage of dancers and organizers fooling around. Check the Pelando Variacīon Facebook page for more details!

Qualifying Round 1 at Salon Canning
Qualifying Round 3 at Milonga Tango Club
Qualifying Round 4 at Salon Canning
Qualifying Round 6 at Milonga Tango Club


With so much talent to choose from, the task is anything but easy…but the incredible panel of judges (names) have decided on 15 couples on the semi-final (see video below).

Semi-final round at La Viruta


A big around of applause for everyone that’s competed and also to the lucky 10 couples in the finals. The competitors were judged on PRECISION, ELEGANCE OF MOVEMENT, MUSICALITY, DIFFICULTY, and ORIGINALITY. Who won?

See for yourself…

Final round at La Viruta
And the WINNERS…Gonzalo Bogado & Gimena Tonanez!

The 1st USA Pelando Variacíon is happening soon!

Are you ready and excited? Any last questions? 
More USA PV details coming soon…