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Dear Tango Community,

We are grateful for your participation at SCTC 2019. Like previous years, this year has seen further growth in registrations. We are proud to have you in our family and hope to provide you with an exciting experience like no other.

The moment is finally here. The maestros, live orchestra & DJ’s, decor, tech, volunteer staff, and OVER 200 + COMPETITORS are in place and ready to present to you once again with an unforgettable experience.

There will be no guest performances. We will only be showcasing our maestros to maximize the social dancing time throughout the event. We have also stream lined the competition to cut out unnecessary time. Competition results will be announced promptly after the competition.

The milongas will run begin at 10:00pm and will run until 2:45am – 3:00am each night. The floor will be inspected to make sure that it’s in top dancing condition.

As a final reminder, please remember that the door is CASH ONLY! 🙂


  • We are expecting a huge turnout of tango dancers from near and far. Also excited to have over 250 registrants and competitors, representing over 25 states in the US and 5 different countries. This will be an exciting event with live tango music, performances, dancing, food & drinks. 
  • Please be courteous and put on your smiles for our SCTC staff, Candela venue staff, and most importantly the other dancers. We are all here to have fun and enjoy each other’s presence. Spread the LA tango love!


  • Workshops – 12:00pm-4:45pm every day. (please be on time)
  • Competition – 6:30pm-9:30pm every night. (come support all your friends)
       FRIDAY- Senior Tango, Waltz, Milonga, Stage Tango, Tango Salon
       SATURDAY– Senior Tango, Waltz, Milonga, Stage Tango, Tango Salon, J&J beginner & advanced
       SUNDAY – 
    Senior Tango, Waltz, Stage Group, Milonga, Stage Tango, Tango Salon, J&J beginner & advanced 
  • Milongas – FRI 10:00pm-3:00am w/DJ Rod (Chicago), SAT 9:30pm-3:00am w/DJ Lampis (LA), SUN 9:30pm-3:00am w/DJ Amanda Di Garli (Wash. DC).
  • La Juan D’arienzo live orchestra plays twice around 11:00pm and around 12:00am on FRI and 11:00pm and 12:30am on SAT.
  • Maestro performances – around 11:45pm every night.
  • Free wine tasting SUN 6:00pm – 6:45pm sponsored by TangoVino
  • Milonga themes – FRI “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, SAT “Saturday Night Glitter”, SUN “The Secret Garden”. See our FB photos for examples
  • Click here for the full schedule.


The opportunity to hire a professional dancer:

  • to accompany you to the milongas
  • to take the workshops during the day

To reserve your spot click here:


  • 831 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • The most convenient parking is VALET; $10/night starting at 4:30pm. There is also limited street parking during the day and night, please read the signs carefully.
  • There will be empanadas for sale every day during the workshops.
  • There will be fruit cart right outside of Candela selling fruits all day long.
  • Evening food and drinks will be provided by the Candela venue’s full restaurant and bar, along with a special “Tango menu”. Food stops serving at 12:00am and last call for alcoholic beverages at 1:30am.
  • We invite you to enjoy the delicious food & drinks provided by Candela. Please, no outside food or drinks will be permitted during the milonga (during workshops is OK). Security will be checking bags at the door. The establishment must protect their liquor license. We appreciate your understanding and support.


  • Only cash is accepted at the door for festival entry and workshops.
  • All walk-ins can purchase passes at the door.
  • Those with online registrations should have a copy of their confirmation (either printed or on the phone) to show if needed.
  • Credit cards are still accepted by the restaurant and bar.


Come support the community and friends. Enjoy their hard work and cheer on your favorites! This year features more competitors and an exciting JACK & JILL category which will be held Saturday & Sunday only.

  • Competition is from 6:30pm-9:30pm each day. (See full Competition schedule.)
  • Judges for Tango Salon, Stage, Milonga, Vals, Senior Categories, Group Stage Categories 
    Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Pinero, Sabrina & Ruben Veliz, Danilo Maddalena (Friday – Qualifying, Saturday – Semifinals, Sunday – Finals)
  • Judges for Jack & Jill category
    Jills – Vanesa Villalba, Sabrina Veliz & German Ballejo 
    Jacks – Facundo Pinero, Ruben Veliz & Magdalena Gutierrez
    (Saturday- Semi-Finals, Sunday-Finals)
  • Competition Supervisor – Danilo Maddalena (organizer of official European Tango Championship)
  • Announcements for semi-finalists and finalists will promptly take place after the competition.
  • Award Ceremony – Winners are announced 9:30pm -10:00pm on SUNDAY.


This is a beautiful event not only for tango dancers but for family, friends, and other spectators as well.

  • Doors will be  open for spectators  at 6:00PM for all 3 days. 
  • Spectators staying only for the competition must pay $21 at the door for entry, and ALSO LEAVE THEIR ID or CREDIT CARD at the registration desk. They can pick it up when they leave right after the competition. (We are sorry for this inconvenience but must be strict due to past experiences with spectators caught dancing or watching the performances).
  • Any competition spectators leaving after 10:30pm must pay the full milonga fee for the night.
  • Spectators staying for the milonga or performances can purchase a milonga pass (which includes both competition & festival) at the door, and will not have to leave their ID or CREDIT CARD.
  • Spectators may sit at any table that is not reserved, or one of the reserved tables if they know someone there.
  • The door entry accepts CASH ONLY.


Official event photography and video will be done by our own videographers and photographers. Others wishing to record video or take pictures for their own use are welcome as long as they do not interfere with our event or media team.

  • Official videographers are Don An 
  • Official photographers are Haoyuan Ren & Rafael Najarian
  • Follow the SCTC Facebook page for live feed & photos!


YULI B – Women’s Regina Tango Shoes
MALEVA – Women’s Clothing 
ATELIER VERTEX – Women’s Clothing 
EYE DANCE – Men’s Tango Shoes


  • ALL table reservations are SOLD OUT.
  • Any tables not marked reserved is considered open seating to anyone at any time. You are not allowed to hold seats. 
  • Those with table reservations, please be friendly and allow friends to share your table. If you’re leaving early, let others know the table is open.
  • The rest of the seating will be on first come first serve basis. If you don’t have a reservation and would like to secure a seat, we advise you to arrive early (6:00 -6:30pm) during championship hours.
  • Only competitors are allowed to sit at the competitors tables. (No family/friends/coaches/etc).
  • See FLOOR PLAN for larger image.

The moment is almost here and we can’t wait to see you.