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Community… The love and pursuit of tango can be challenging, especially if unforeseen events prevent us from attending events that we plan for. While it is a true art to balance cost and quality, we understand emergency circumstances. We will do our best to accommodate you…


Within 14 days from date of purchase minus transaction fees

50% REFUND UNTL 12/31/23

No refunds after 1/1/24
No exceptions!


All sales are non


In case SCTC 2024 has an unforeseen event, the credit will be issued for 2025.

All sales are non-transferable. The organizer reserves the right to substitute maestros and any acts due to any unforeseen circumstances.


SCTC is organized by Yuli b who ensures the smooth running of the competition and compliance with the terms and conditions of participation, as well as the promotion of the event and awarding of prizes. Yuli b commits to impartiality and has no influence on the evaluation of the jury.
SCTC is open to participants from all countries and is open to all genders and welcomes diverse constellations of couples.
All participants commit themselves to contribute to the good reputation of the event, the contest, and accept the outcome of our independent judges… good sportsmanship! By registering, the participants accept the competition rules of SoCal Tango Championship and Festival.
SCTC is an event which emphasizes connection, camaraderie and good sportsmanship. SCTC’s goal is to bring tango dancers from all over the world together to share their passion for tango in a friendly, respectful and safe environment.


Each person can compete only once per category. The couple must remain the same at each level within a category. Across different categories the couple may vary.


To qualify for this category the couple must consist of a true tango professional that gains any kind of income from tango dancing, and an amateur. A couple consisting of two professionals is not permitted to participate in this category and will be disqualified by our judges at competition. Registration fees will not be refunded.


All participants must be present and check-in at the respective location no later than one hour before the start of the contest. Persons who have registered but are not present at check-in will be excluded from participating in the contest.


All participants must check-in in person by presenting an ID/passport and will receive a number. The number assigned by the organization shall be worn on the back of the leader during each round. Participants must return their number to the registration desk promptly after elimination or win.


We welcome family and friends that would like to spectate and cheer on their champion tangueros. Spectator passes can be purchased at the door at the day of the event. We wish all participants the best of luck and an unforgettable competition!