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SCTC 2018 announces their second master couple – Alejandra Mantinan & Danilo Maddelena!

One of the most iconic women in tango and her Italian superstar partner!


Alejandra Mantinan is a living legend of tango. An icon, a goddess, a queen of tango. There aren’t enough words that can be said about Alejandra. She is one of the most famous, most decorated, and most sought after tango masters in tango history. As we speak, she was already completely booked out for privates months ago and still with many more requests pleading for a chance to learn from their idol. We’ve never had any guest instructor in such high demand as this.

Her partner roster reads like the who’s who of tango royalty for the past 30 years. It’s hard to imagine any woman who has danced with more A-listers than her. See the list for yourself:

  • Fabian Salas, Gustavo Russo, Leandro Oliver, Gabriel Misse, Osvaldo Zotto, Juan Carlos Copes, Juan Corvalan, Omar Ocampo, Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli, Pablo Veron, Martin Ojeda, Horacio Godoy, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer, Leandro Palou, Aoniken Quiroga, Mariano Otero, Guillermo Salvat.

She’s performed in over 340 cities all over the world, also starred as the main actress for the Tango Pasión show for 14 years, and also performed with THE live orchestras of Osvaldo PuglieseHoracio SalgánMariano MoresJośe Basso and Sexteto Mayor. And yeah, one more thing, she was also Antonio Todaro’s assistant for 5 years. For those who don’t know, Antonio Todaro was one of the most creative tango dancers that ever lived who loved inventing long sharp complex sequences of flashy steps (still seen in many professional tango dancers today). Alejandra has also served as a top judge for the world Tango Mundial competition as well as many other competitions from around the world.

Danilo Maddelena has been dancing his entire life since the age of 7, winning many national and international titles. He ultimately came into tango studying with the world’s most reknowned tango masters such as Sebastian Arce (his #1 influence), Carlitos Perez, through Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Pinero; even partnering with Alejandra Mantinan in shows since 2015. Danilo possesses great knowledge about biomechanics and body movement.

He is also currently the organizer of major festivals, Italian Championship and European Championship (both officially recognized by Buenos Aires Tango mundial organization), and Metropolitano Tango in Italy, and also runs a tango school in Rimini, Italy.


1. Stage goddess

Everyone has their own story of how they stumbled upon the incredible stage goddess in Alejandra Mantinan. Follow any of your favorite dancers and you can’t help but watch them perform with Alejandra at some point. Locals and old-timers may have remembered her work with Antonio Todaro. Foreigners may know her best as the lead actress in the incredible Tango Pasión show–(shown above; you should really watch the whole thing).

Here, we witness tango and stage tango in all of it’s perfection. At first glance, it’s sexy, flashy, exciting and you just can’t look away. It’s a story told by 2 dancers–NOT “musical technicians”–but DANCERS! Emotion, drama, and in case you’re looking for it…oh yeah, it’s also technical perfection. How many tango shows have looked this good since then? (How many tango choreographies in Hollywood have looked this good since then? HA!!!)

But this performance really is no joke. Check out the expressions, the synchronicity, and all the foot play. Finger-wiggling at 31:06, then the running pattern into the surprise foot-lift at 31:29, and also the hat steal at 32:30 into a mollinete with a spinning exit. You can’t tell where the dance ends and the storytelling begins. And we wonder…why should there even be a separation of the two? This isn’t stage tango, it’s TANGO!  

2. Superhuman Feet

We are OH SO SNEAKY PROUD to have Alejandra Mantinan this year. We shared this same video last year as part of our Sexteto Milonguero write-up, and here we are only 1 year later with the dream complete…we have Sexteto Milonguero once again AND with the legendary Alejandra Mantinan. How is this even possible?!

But why do we love THIS video? Because it shows Alejandra’s incredible footspeed while dancing with another pair of “fastest feet in tango”. Aside from the famous Aoniken Quiroga, Alejandra Mantinan has also performed amazingly alongside today’s OFFICIAL “fastest feet in tango” Gabriel Misse over a decade ago. There are so many incredible videos of her, we wouldn’t know which to choose!

Now it isn’t just speed but also her quality of movement. Her feet stay pretty, feminine, and styled even while moving fast. Women have to work so hard in heels, stepping, running, pivoting, jumping, AND LOOK PRETTY?! And she makes it look easy. There’s a reason why she’s legendary!

3. Alejandra Mantinan with Gabriel Misse

Let’s watch Alejandra with Gabriel Misse while we’re at it. This is among the finest displays of tango that ever existed. One of the best tango couples that ever was and how extremely impressive they were! Style, speed, flair…it’s all there. 2 of the best tango dancers ever.

4. Alejandra Mantinan with Danilo

OH, but you want to see a video of Alejandra’s amazing feet with Danilo? We found one!

They really hit the ground running here. It’s a fast milonga (once again played by our featured Sexteto Milonguero) and still, she kicks it up a gear as early as 0:09 and never lets off the gas pedal. Check out the side-ride at 0:55 and running cross-tucks at 1:30. There’s pieces of her magic in the whole video, really. How her feet stays so pretty at such high speeds, no one will ever know.

5. Silky Sensual Salon

And now for something very authentically Danilo.

He’s one of the most sensual leads you’ll ever find in tango. Super silky smooth, and calm…but not boring relaxed calm, more like burning-intensity calm. There’s sweeping embrace radiating from his core underneath that fancy coat. You can feel his musicality even when he’s not moving. An incredible contrast to Alejandra’s usual energetic movements.

And now look at the result…Alejandra is completely charmed. Look at her back, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet. She’s sweeping herself (and everyone in the audience) away with every pivot. There’s a story suspended between every step.

Alejandra Mantinan & Danilo Maddelena Workshops at SCTC 2018

While we can’t offer any more privates to everyone flying out to see Alejandra Mantinan, we do still have availability in her and Danilo’s workshops. Come learn from the masters of tango!

CLICK HERE – for the full workshop schedule.


  • WS4 12:45 – 2:15PM – Difference in handling of rhythm and melody dynamics. (All Level)
  • WS5 3:15 – 4:45PM – Linear and circular rebounds; technical concepts. (Int/Adv)


  • WS1 11:00 – 12:30PM – Walking with complex adornos. (All Level)
  • WS4 12:45 – 2:15PM – Changes of direction and body mechanics for leaders and followers. (Int/Adv)


  • WS2 11:00 – 12:30PM – Different boleos and their management. (Int/Adv)
  • WS5 3:15 – 4:45PM – General technique in the couple. (All Level) 

HURRY! Early bird ends December 15.

Workshop registration is currently available only through the Full Weekend Pass, 2-Day Pass, and 1-Day Pass. A la carte registration will open around New Years giving first priority to passholders.