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Danilo Maddalena has been dancing for 29 years, known internationally for his vast experience in the competitive world of dance. Danilo began dancing Ballroom and Latin American dances when he was 7 and has been participating in numerous national and international competitions, achieving many titles. His tango career began in 2005 and since then he has danced alongside many of the top dancers in the world. He is the organizer of the Italian Tango Championship and European Tango Championship, officially recognized by the government of Buenos Aires (FESTIVAL Y MUNDIAL) in 2014, and organizer of the Metropolitano Tango Championship in Italy which started in 2015.

In 2020, Danilo was one of the founders and the president of Metrotango sports club. Through the club, they organize the Italian national circuit of the metropolitan championship (over 16 competitions throughout Italy) and two of the official preliminaries of the World Tango Championship: the preliminary of Italy, Malta, and Greece, as well as the preliminary of Europe.

Danilo and Pam Est Là have pursued their love for tango and realized their dream of opening up a tango dance school: “2 Corazones Tango Accademia” in Italy, Rimini. They are known for their exceptional way of teaching and the elegance in their dance. Their philosophy is simple: work very hard everyday and strive to capture the best out of it. They are in the process of developing their tango technique with a focus on deepening dance expression and feeling of connection between partners. They know a lot about biomechanics and the technical aspect of the couple’s connection, as well as the sensibility that they pass on to their students during their classes and show. In 2019 they were the best Italian couple in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires.

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