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SCTC2017 announces the second master couple – Fernando Gracia & Sol Cerquides!
(Their first time in Los Angeles)

Who are they?

Fernando Gracia was the 2007 World Stage Champion. Sol Cerquides was the 2010 Campeona Metropolitana city champion in the milonga and also 4th place in the World for tango Salon category. Today they are one of the most famous stage tango couples in the world if not THE premiere stage tango couple. 

But what is stage tango?

Stage tango is the kind of tango performed for an audience using choreography to showcase sharper musicality and more athletic/sensual movements than social tango. Many people dismiss “stage tango” for it’s long sequences of circus acrobatics separated by melodramatic moments of exaggerated sensuality. Basically, “gymnasts in disguise as bad actors”.

But Fernando and Sol are not that. They are the true authentic stage tango that was respected and even performed by many of the great tango legends. The stage tango that even the old Argentineans respect. Real stage tango has substance, has musicality, has feeling. And believe it or not, real stage tango…too…can have improvisation.

A 3rd party review of Fernando & Sol’s style of dance and teaching:

“Fernando & Sol remind me why many people first fall in love with tango because of stage tango. It isn’t because of the acrobatic moves or passion. It is because of the musicality and the soul of the dancers. This is why all dancers, even non-stage performers, take lessons from them.”

Whether or not you want to do crazy moves/tango gymnastics, Fernando & Sol can teach you how to control every inch of your body. It’s not about the way you look, but the way you move. These things will ultimately affect the way you feel when you dance. “

Video review

1. CLASSIC stage perfection

The classic stage tango wasn’t cheesy. It wasn’t full of the annoying storytelling sequences where the couple took turns posing around each other followed by dramatic hand play and the ever so ubiquitous “air-wrestling”. Classic stage tango wasn’t a trickshow, it was a DANCE highlighting perfect technique and musicality.

At first glance, this performance seems unenthused, almost devoid of emotion. But somehow we keep watching…because there is feeling in this. It’s just not obvious, it’s hidden under layers of “technique”. And so we can’t see where the “dance” is coming from. Because they’re not trying to lather us in sensuality and style. But nonetheless, their soul is there…subtle…and you keep watching.

2. Intimate musicality

Musicality is what you feel, not what you hear.

This is very cute, very intimate. The music walks a simple beat but they’re totally dancing. Sol’s energy takes over without even trying. She’s everywhere. Her hands, her shoulders, her head, her feet. There’s candy in every step. You can’t help but smile with her. It’s clear she loves this song.

Fernando gets 25 points for having the perfect leader’s strategy right here. It’s called, “Play Her Favorite Song and Get The Hell Out of Her Way.”

3. Sensuality – The follower’s highlight

Many couples nowadays are centered around the man because not all leaders out there will truly spotlight the woman. The men will look amazing but the women are hardly more than the supporting role. Simply background props for the man to show off his tricks. 

Now take a man who doesn’t make it all about him, and put in a strong woman, and what do you get? SENSUALITY! See it in action here at 2:00-2:09 when Sol unloads a killer run into the pasada. SEXY SEXY SEXY. And she’s smiling pretty much the whole darn song. This couple leaks sensuality even when they’re not even trying. THIS is stage tango at it’s finest.

4. The moves no one can do

Whoever told you tango wasn’t about the moves…well…they’re still right. But that’s not why we love stage. Stage IS about the moves. It’s about the lines, the curves, the unreal synchronicity, the impossible perfection. Because once you dance with soul, you’ll want to dance with everything in your body. Power, speed, brutality, raw unfiltered passion…why not?

For those of you who came for the moves, this is where you get your money’s worth. Look at the wild tornado flying monkeyflip back sacada at 2:44. I hit the follower’s foot all three times that I attempted this in my dreams. But here is the maestro himself, Fernando Gracia, reenacting my dreams to perfection.

Fernando & Sol’s workshops at SCTC2017

CLICK HERE – for full workshop schedule.


  • Sequences for open and close embrace – Differences between them for the leader and follower with technique.  
  • Different kinds of turns – How to not loose connection within the couple and adding ganchos and ornaments into the turn.


  • Sacadas and “gran” sacadas.
  • Changes of dynamic and energy management. 


  • Work with social tango, figures taken to the stage – How to keep the base and add effect. Items to consider when you make a choreography.
  • Management of free leg – Variety of boleos, combination with ganchos and jumps.

Current early bird price…

  • 1-5 workshops ($25/each)
  • 6-8 workshops ($22/each)
  • 9 workshops ($20/each)

HURRY! Early bird ends December 27.