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Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to announce a new GRAND PRIZE for the winners of the TANGO SALON & TANGO STAGE categories!

The 1st place winners of Salon and/or Stage will receive…

  • Flight tickets to Buenos Aires instead of $500.
  • An invitation to perform at Tucson Tango Festival.
  • …AND an invitation to perform at a prestigious milonga in Buenos Aires.

Note: minimum of (20) or more registered couples in the category required to receive flight tickets.

… and that’s not all!

There are still many more prizes to be given away at the big tango competition next February! Many of these have been provided by our sponsors, so please support them as well. Our staff and sponsors have been working around the clock to award our hard-working competitors. More prizes are still being added!

Here are some of the prizes you can win:

  • Cash prizes
  • Trophies, medals, and certificates
  • Mens and women’s shoes
  • Women’s tango dresses
  • Gyrotonic Method sessions
  • Milonga Passes to Tucson Tango Festival 2017
  • Milonga Passes to Endless Summer Tango Marathon 2017
  • Full Festival & Milonga Passes to Nora’s Tango Week 2017
  • Invitation to perform at Nora’s milonga in SF
  • Invitation to perform at Milonga Querida in LA
  • …please find the latest info and details on prizes here – SCTC2017 – Prizes

We thank you for your support and hope you will be there for this huge event! 

It’s cheaper to compete than it is to buy a milonga pass!
Find a friend and sign up now!
Early bird ends December 27.