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Mimi Hirsch, Berlin (Germany) Mimi is known for her deep level connection in the dance, her musical playfulness and elegance. She is the founder of Academia de Tango Berlin, performed at international tango festivals and on famous stages. She won the German Tango Championships and the UK Tango Championships (Tango de Pista). Mimi is also the organizer of the BERLIN OPEN Tango Contest. Exploring Tango in a deep and transformative way that is what Mimi is known for as a teacher. She developed a very unique and fascinating style of teaching always with the focus on what people need most. She binds technique to musicality to personal expression and connection. Classes with Mimi are full of joy, open up new perspectives and give people tools to explore profound levels of their own tango and personal growth. She loves to be surrounded by smiles and open hearts, is creating a pos —

Mimi Hirsch Deutsche Meisterin & UK Tango Champion
+49 176 22 93 74 36