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SCTC…truly a milonga experience like no other. We have learned that tangueros crave the opportunity to get lost in endless nights of tandas. It takes savvy DJs, a dreamy dance floor, carefully curated ambiance, a community of friends, and new encounters to create the right kind of magic. More than just a competition… It is a milongueros’ dream….

On your mark, get set, go… Start your LA tango experience by attending the Pre-SCTC 2023 Local Milonga Kick off. See you at Milonga Corazon organized by Maria Elena.

SCTC 2023 will be featuring three nights of 5 hour long milongas that will go until 3:00 am. There will be two dance floors sharing the same music. To take it up a notch we will be dancing to Vinyl music on opening night.

Enjoy a “Free” Saturday afternoon milonga in Santa Monica’s famous Third Street Promenade – one block from the event venue… details to follow. For those die hard dancers, hop over on Sunday to “Tango Cafe” afternoon milonga organized by Zana Fong.  Then head back over at 5:00 pm to spectate our competition finals… nail biter alert!!! 

An official “After Party, ” bask in the afterglow of all those yummy tandas with one more night of dancing at LA’s iconic location “The Tango Room,” hosted by Geraldine Freitag and Derek Tang. 

Let’s do this milongueros!!!! See you soon 👏✨⭐️