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LAST CHANCE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION DISCOUNT! (And also the last chance to sign-up for competition!) 

SCTC’s online registration discount will be officially closing tonight (at midnight or shortly after). After months of exhausting preparation and promotion, we have finally arrived just a week away and jumping with excitement. The maestros & guest performers, live orchestra & DJ’s, visas, decor, tech work, print work, and OVER 150+ COMPETITORS are in place and ready to present to you once again with an event unlike any other.

If you’re planning on attending, please REGISTER NOW online to receive a discount. Otherwise, please see us with cash at the door. 🙂


Cash at the door

  • If you don’t register online, you can show up at the door and pay with cash for any milongas, workshops, or spectating for the competition.
  • Competition spectators pay only $15 if they leave right after the competition. If they’re staying for the milonga and/or the festival performances, they must buy a milonga pass for the day.

Jack & Jill needs a few more ADVANCED leaders, and BEGINNER leaders/followers

  • This is exciting new competition category that is perfect for non-serious competitors. It’s a great way to participate in a public showcase, dancing to random music with random partners, and being able to compete even without a partner.
  • We have 2 divisions available: BEGINNER (for those below 3 years) & ADVANCED (for those above 3 years).
  • Please consider signing-up or encouraging your friends to try. This category is going to be a lot of fun.

For competitors already registered 

  • Year after year, the greatest regret we’ve heard from competitors is that they wished they registered for more categories. You’ve already got your partners, your outfits, and already here.
  • Even if you aren’t serious about or didn’t train for other categories, they are still fun to do in the moment. Doing more categories keeps the excitement going for longer and also helps you warm up for other categories.
  • Contact us ASAP if you want to add more categories.
  • PS: do not forget that you have a special competitors discount for workshops. (Let us know if you didn’t receive your discount link.)

Performance schedule:

  • For those planning their schedule around specific performances…
  • Sexteto Milonguero (live orchestra) will play twice each day on FRI & SAT
  • Vanesa & Facundo will perform FRI & SAT
  • Los Totis will perform SAT & SUN
  • Alejandra Mantinan & Danilo Maddelena will perform SAT & SUN
  • Carlos & Maureen, Michael & Ana Thomas will perform on FRI

Red Carpet event on Sunday 6pm-7pm before the Sunday Championship Finals!

  • Enjoy our Hollywood Edition meet & greet, and take pictures with our celebrity maestros and live band Sexteto Milonguero.
  • Hosted by our very own Conrad & Kiana
  • Also includes FREE WINE-TASTING by our official SCTC wine sponsors: Highlands Winery
  • Complimentary for all festival attendees.

 Danilo Maddelena (one of our maestros) is available for privates!

  • Available for privates from FEB 18-23. ($100/hr + studio fee)
  • He is an excellent teacher and trained with many top dancers. Lots of experience working with Sebastian Arce among many other greats.
  • Email to schedule: [email protected]

 Vendors & Sponsors

  • SCTC was made possible in a great part due to our generous sponsors. Please support them as you would with your family and friends. 
  • See their products and services offered here

Jack & Jill needs more ADVANCED leaders, and also BEGINNER leaders/followers.
Those already registered and want to do more categories, please contact us!