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With more than 20 years of experience, Sabrina and Ruben Veliz continue to shine in the world of tango. As choreographers and dancers, they have made a notable influence on the new generation of tango artists by incorporating fundamental concepts that have rarely been used before.

As teachers, they developed a clear, simple, and coherent method of teaching based on the organic movement of the body and how it relates to the dance partner, putting focus on comfort and elegance. Their classes are geared toward a logic that helps the student understand, raise awareness, and develop their own personal dance.

In 2014 they published their book “Secretos del abrazo” (available in English, Spanish, Italian and Russian) where they provide tango enthusiasts with indispensable tools for the construction of a dance that is consistent and targeted to the dancer’s current needs.

Masters to the Masters… what the pros have to say:

Sebastian Achaval ~Tango Salon World Champion 2005
These are one of our maestros. Los Angeles, you are lucky to have them here. They don’t travel very much out of Argentina. You must learn form them.

Brian Nguyen~ 2x US Champion, 3rd place Tango World Champion 2011
They are one of the “go-to” couples for professionals wanting to improve their stage tango. They are very creative, innovative, and effective in their dance instruction. I personally liked how they were able to teach me how to do the hardest figures with ease. Their philosophy is fundamentally based on organic movements and body mechanics. I found their instruction simple, clear and concise.
It is also clear that they themselves work hard to better their teaching via in depth analysis of the biomechanics of movement, and the most effective ways to transmit this information to the lay person with simple, yet effective words. As a teacher myself, I highly admire and respect their dedication. We need more of it, especially in this age where creativity pushes limits and increasingly complex figures are accompanied by complex explanations.
~Simple and concise, yet still as profound and enlightening~

Greetings from Ivan Terrazas & Sara Grdan ~ highly respected and accomplished teachers, choreographers, dancers.

Their thoughts on Los Veliz…

Performance Schedule


11:30PM – Performances by:


11:30PM – Performances by:

Workshops Schedule


WS3  1:45 – 3:15PM  S&R  Advanced  

  • Giro Seminar-Part I: Individual technique for man and woman, functionality of the axis and the centrifugal energy during the giro, stability and connection inside the couple. 

WS6  3:30 – 5:00PM  S&R  Advanced  

  • Giro Seminar Part II: Individual technique for man and woman, functionality of the axis and the centrifugal energy during the giro, stability and connection inside the couple (Pre-requisite: Student must take Part I of the series).


WS1  12:00 – 1:30PM  S&R  All Level  

  • “The secrets of the embrace” Posture, axis and balance. How to send and to receive the lead to achieve a fluid communication.

WS6  3:30 – 5:00PM  S&R  Intermediate/Advanced

  • Pivot & Enrosques: Technique and individual mechanism for man and woman. Applications in the dance floor. We recommend previously to take Giro Seminar.


WS3  1:45 – 3:15PM  S&R  Intermediate/Advanced

  • Mindful Tango Seminar Part II: Functionality of the corporal axis and correct utilization of the energy. Mindful postural reeducation , domain of the muscular tension, decompression and elasticity of the articulations. Sensitive practice and communication in the Couple . Connection, freedom and flexibility in the embrace.