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SCTC now has over 75 competitors representing 25 different cities, 9 states in the USA, and 3 different countries!!! …and we haven’t forgotten about the sneaky/shy ones that register last minute. ūüėČ

Those without a partner, please write us a message or sign-up for the JACK & JILL competition which doesn’t require a partner.

Those still on the fence, please read up on our training information, prizes, and registration info. Details in the link!

8 Official Competition Categories

Our competitions keep getting bigger and better. Some categories require a partner, some do not. There are competitors of all levels and all ages competing, from 1 year beginners to even 10+ years experienced dancers. Go for gold or enjoy your 15 mins of fame.

  • Tango Salon – dance 3 random tango songs each round in your improvised social tango style
  • Vals – dance 3 random vals songs (improvised)
  • Milonga – dance 3 random milonga songs (improvised)
  • Tango Senior – same as tango salon but both partners are at least 55 years of age, OR one partner is at least 55 and the younger one cannot be more than 15 years younger
  • Tango Stage – dance any song of your choice using choreography
  • Group Stage – 3 to 6 couples dancing a chosen song using choreography
  • Pelando Variaci√≥n (NEW) – dance just 16 counts of the fast part of any chosen song, using choreography
  • Jack & Jill (no partner required) – register as an individual and rotate to random partners for each song.

New JACK & JILL Category

What’s this category all about? It hasn’t been done before so let us explain. Unlike other categories where competitors must register with a partner, J&J participants will register individually and dance with random partners. Each round will be 3 songs and everyone rotates to a different partner each time. It’s a lot of fun to mix around and perfect for those without a dedicated partner.

Local & Visiting Instructors

Looking to prepare for competition or just wanting to train with supremely elegant instructors? Check out our list of local instructors (from CA, AZ, NV). Also check out the incredible Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk (from Buenos Aires) teaching all over Los Angeles for the month of January. They’re teaching techniques for all levels (beginner to advanced), all music (tango/vals/milonga), and all competitors (tango/stage/J&J). Leandro and Laila are also holding guided practicas where they give you different themes to work on as they go around adjusting each couple. We encourage to take advantage of this training season while many dancers are working hard!

Updated Prizes

Tons and tons of prizes. Win trophies, medals, cash, certificates, festival/marathon passes, clothing/dresses/shoes, performance opportunities, wine, AND EVEN A FREE TRIP TO BA!!! The more categories you register in, the better your chances of winning.

More Competition Training Blogs

It’s been a while since we’ve written a competition prep blog but it’s coming soon and will be released in a couple days. We hope all your training is going well and can’t wait to see your hard work!

Want to have fun and challenge yourself? 
(Message us if you don’t have a partner.)