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SCTC 2019 announces their third master couple – Vanesa Villalba & Facundo Piñero!

The masters are making their return to USA and Los Angeles!


As explained in their full bio, here, they both started out as stage dancers in various tango shows and companies, among them the famous “Forever Tango” show. Together, they are one of the most popular tango couples in the world sought after by all the biggest festivals and even professional dancers for training. In the official Tango Mundial (World Cup) competition last year, 7 of the 20 finalists as well as the 2nd place winners were trained by Vanesa & Facundo. They’ve also trained many of the salon and stage national champions in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

So why all this hype? And what makes them so special? For one, incredible technique and skill. They are so powerful and do everything perfect. The next reason is because of their commanding stage presence. They know how to put on a show, whether improvised or choreography. And last, they are amazing teachers and very friendly. They know how to produce champion-level couples. To say they are well-rounded and perfect in all areas is still an understatement!

Video Review

1. Stage superstars

HELLO starts at 0:17… cute crossing embellishments followed by Vanesa’s high boleo chopping out of the back ocho into her mollinete and then a DEEP planeo during his stop. That was only the easy stuff.

A few more chopping back ochos and a door-busting high kick at 0:34 tells you they’re serious business. At 1:00, Vanesa releases a fury of piques and Facundo stomps their way out to the crowd’s applause. Keep watching and you’ll see an endless display of lines, power, and synchronized sensuality. Oh, how easy they make it look. Running sacadas into a flying split lift? No problem!

They just aren’t human…

2. Breathtaking Improvisation

Such a romantic song with every step taken so tenderly as—I take it back, Facundo detonates the mother of all enrosques and we have a full-scale performance before us.

Wow, look at Vanesa’s control; not only in her feet but her upper body as well. Two minutes into the song and Vanesa slowly transitions into two of the sweetest calesitas you’ve ever seen before Facundo sweeps her across the floor….literally. It’s not even over and the audience can no longer hold their applause.

3. Embellishment Beasts

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Vanessa unloads every women’s adorno in the book under frantic vals timing, flicking and tapping her feet every which way with sublime control. It’s an amazingly unique and very distinct quality of hers.

She starts off skating, then rapid tapping in perfect timing with Facundo’s lead, then lifting and diving her feet up into the air, then swirling into back tucks, then she’s lush and skating again, now really deep sweeps, back into rapid taps again, and then more whipping back-tucks. Even at high speed, you can see exactly how her feet dances over the floor. If a woman’s feet could tell a story, Vanesa’s just wrote the bible on women’s embellishments.

4. Slow-motion Elegance

Who said they couldn’t be magical below 100mph? So much musicality and expression in each step. This has got to be one of the most skillful performances to Francisco Canaro’s timeless “Invieno”. Even more impressive considering that they go as slow as—not half time, but QUARTER time. If you ever wanted a slow-motion review of Vanesa’s amazing feet (for educational purposes), there’s your chance!

Vanesa & Facundo Workshops at SCTC 2019

Their debut in Los Angeles was so huge last year that we invited them back to be part of SCTC 2019. They are incredibly experienced teachers, and have trained many other professional dancers as well. They know exactly how to pull out the unique qualities in every student.

CLICK HERE – for the full workshop schedule.


  • WS1 12:00 -1:30PM – Rhythmic and musical interpretation for improv. (Int)
  • WS5  3:30 -5:00PM – Shifts and changes of direction in small spaces (Adv)


  • WS2 12:00 – 1:30PM – Voleos with and without pivot (Int/Adv)
  • WS5 1:45 – 3:15PM -Tango Stage:introduction, sequence, technique (Int/Adv)


  • WS4 1:45 – 3:15PM – Small variations for pista (Adv)
  • WS6 3:30 – 5:00PM – The preparation of movement and connection 

HURRY! Pre-registration discount ends February 7.

Workshop registration is currently available only through the Full Weekend Pass, 2-Day Pass, and 1-Day Pass. A la carte registration will open shortly after right after February 7.